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Healthy Me Priority


When You Show Up for Yourself, It is Always Worth It

Posted on May 21, 2011 at 8:05 PM
The best motivation I had this weeks was in my yoga class on Friday, after work. While most people are going out to dinner or enjoying happy hour, I was at hot yoga, which is one block from where I've been known to pop in there instead to get a bottle of wine to bring home to share after a long work week. I was like the tin man and trying to get back into my fit after not doing a lot of yoga after the last 4 months after a shoulder injury. I felt like the instructor was talking right to me. He said,
"It's so easy to put on your blinker, but then use it to go to the liquor store instead. I can't tell you it will ever get easier, but I can tell you it will always be worth it. Whenever, you show up for yourself, it is always worth it."

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