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PB2 Peanut Butter with 85% Less Fat Calories

Posted on May 17, 2011 at 10:56 AM Comments comments (11)
When I first heard of PB2 I was skeptical; powdered peanut butter? I figured there had to be a lot of chemicals in them, but when I read the nutritional info it is peanuts with a little sugar and salt; 45 calories for 2 tbs instead of the usual 180 and up. It has 5 grams of protein and 3 grams of fiber.They basically suck most of the oil out of it and dry it out.
After looking online, I decided to get it from because it was inexpensive and has a flat $4.99 shipping fee. There is the regular version and a version with some chocolate.
All you do is add one part water to two parts PB2 until it has a smooth consistency like other peanut butters. It also makes it easy for taking on trips and if you are a backpacker, this could be a staple for you. The taste is pretty good. I also have added it to oatmeal and smoothies.