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Healthy Me Priority



Posted on November 7, 2011 at 12:45 PM Comments comments (12)
While I'm sure that this isn't the only manufactured food around, this is really gross. Before you order up your McRib, you might want to give this a look. 

10 Reasons to Never Eat Free Food

Posted on September 21, 2011 at 2:50 PM Comments comments (20)
While I wouldn't agree with never eat free food, it's a good rule to follow most of the time. Working in an office where free junk food is always available (and sometimes pushed) it can be really tough. Even at our annual health fair where we learn about how much our rates are going up, every table had candy and junk food.
10 Reasons To Never Eat Free Food
By D Sharon Pruitt
Most people’s eyes light up if free food is mentioned. But using “free” as an excuse to eat junk food is nothing to be proud of. We are excited by the concept of free food because we perceive it as having value. But cheap, mass-produced food isn’t worth much in health, taste or even satisfaction.
Although we believe we are getting a great deal, foods typically offered as free don’t even fulfill our most basic nutritional (or emotional) needs.
Thus one of the most important lessons I’ve learned in my 12 years of higher education is:
Just because it’s free doesn’t mean you have to eat it.
On occasion someone will offer you high quality food at no cost, but these times are few and far between. More often you will find yourself wading through a sea of donuts, pizza, cookies and other junk food. Your best bet is skipping the empty calories all together when attending meetings, seminars and other public events.
10 reasons to never eat free food
1.   It’s cheap. You may be inclined to think that cheap food is a good deal, but if you take a minute to think about what you’re really getting you find it is not the value you may have thought. Cheap food means you are getting low quality, mass-produced calories made from industrial processes. Isn’t that the stuff we want to avoid?
2.   It’s flavorless. The right combinations of sugar, fat and salt, pretty easily deceive your brain, as these ingredients can strongly activate your neural reward pathways. But if you try and focus on the true flavor of food and eat mindfully, you quickly notice the tastelessness of industrial food.
3.   It’s bad for you. Evidence is mounting that processed foods are the cause of most “diseases of civilization” such as heart disease, diabetes and cancer. When you wolf down a few of those Costco brownie bites at happy hour, you are contributing directly to your likelihood of developing these chronic diseases. Is that value?
4.   You aren’t saving money. You may tell yourself that this free meal will keep you from eating later, but there’s a good chance you will eat again anyway. Processed foods do not satisfy you, but actually stimulate your appetite and strengthen future cravings. Also, if you factor in your future health care costs, what you save by eating that $2 slice of pizza starts to seem rather trivial.
5.   You’ll feel gross later. Junk food makes you feel bad, both physically and mentally. If someone offered you a free headache, would you take it?
6.   It screws up your metabolism. Highly refined foods create rapid insulin spikes that induce insulin resistance over the next few hours, making your next meal more fattening. If you make a habit of eating cheap abundant food, this condition will become chronic and may develop into type 2 diabetes. What a bargain!
7.   You’ll gain weight. With insulin resistance comes weight gain, and with time you will gain more weight eating fewer calories. Unfortunately, people aren’t often giving away free plus-sized jeans.
8.   You’re eating empty calories. When you submit to eating cheap food, you are also choosing not to eat nutritious food. Choosing a diet rich in vitamins and other essential nutrients may be the single biggest factor in determining your risk for disease and overall longevity. Luckily, local, seasonal foods taste way better than anything your co-workers can pour out of a plastic bag.
9.   You don’t need it. Chances are you get plenty of calories in your typical day. So why do we feel like we need to eat junk food just because it is free? Healthy food does not have to be very expensive. 
10. It isn’t worth it. The truth is free junk food isn’t really free. Even if processed foods don’t cost you money, they still cost you your health, happiness and sense of well-being.
Why do you eat free food?

Kripalu Audio Health Interview Podcasts

Posted on July 1, 2011 at 8:30 AM Comments comments (55)
The Kripalu Center, a yoga retreat center, ( in Stockbridge, Massachusetts has podcasts about different health topics from health specialists.

When You Show Up for Yourself, It is Always Worth It

Posted on May 21, 2011 at 8:05 PM Comments comments (8)
The best motivation I had this weeks was in my yoga class on Friday, after work. While most people are going out to dinner or enjoying happy hour, I was at hot yoga, which is one block from where I've been known to pop in there instead to get a bottle of wine to bring home to share after a long work week. I was like the tin man and trying to get back into my fit after not doing a lot of yoga after the last 4 months after a shoulder injury. I felt like the instructor was talking right to me. He said,
"It's so easy to put on your blinker, but then use it to go to the liquor store instead. I can't tell you it will ever get easier, but I can tell you it will always be worth it. Whenever, you show up for yourself, it is always worth it."

Have a Little Gym Etiquette, Please!

Posted on May 17, 2011 at 10:28 AM Comments comments (9)
Yes, it happened again today. I got up early and headed for a great Sunday workout at the gym thinking it would be empty and I could have a peaceful workout. When I got there it was pretty empty, but the few people there managed to annoy me. I think we need some gym legislation that requires gym goers to pass a gym etiquette test before they are allowed to work out. If I owned a gym, here would be my rules:

-If you pick up weights from the rack, step away from the rack for your workout. Otherwise, no one else can get to the weights. You have an entire gym to work out. Do you really need to be that close to the mirror? Not to mention you might clock someone in the head like the idiot who almost did that to me this morning.

-Don't use the gym equipment as your personal table for you drinks, cell phones, water bottles, etc. Otherwise, other paying members cannot use the equipment. This also goes for sitting on the equipment for 20 minutes and doing nothing, but chatting.

-Feel free to socialize with other members, but have some class. Is it really appropriate to discuss the details of your divorce in this public forum?

-If you show up late for a class, go to a spot where there is room. Don't put your yoga mat or step practically on top of mine.

-Working out makes whatever is on your body smell more. As I am working out and breathing heavily, I don't want to smell your bad BO, cigarette smoke, or perfume and cologne.

-The same goes for what is in your body. If you had too many beans for lunch, maybe you should skip the gym class where a room full of people are enclosed in a hot room being subjected to your stink bombs.

-Wipe down your equipment. I don't want to sit in my own butt sweat, so I certainly don't want to sit in yours.

-No excessive grunting that sounds like you are passing a bowling ball.